CoderCV acquired Ducument

We have an amazing announcement to Share!  

Ducument is team and project management tool. helps you and your team collaborate over projects with full coordination and with the deadline.

CoderCV will use Ducument for Order Tracking.

It has been always very complicated for buyer and seller to coordinate in One given point and that is a feature and issue tracking while working on Order, Now, there are things, that you can do at CoderCV Marketplace which is available nowhere in the world:

  • Set a task or to-do for your Seller or Developer.
  • Track each task progress and ETA (expected completion time).
  • Discuss based on each Task and Feature of your project.
  • Setlist of features as task-todo for your seller.
  • The update features task-list on its completion percentage and ETA.
  • Multiple team member coordinates and discusses the project with the buyer in an easy way. is the most visual way for teams to collaborate on any project You can Check Ducument here - Official Website

Less is more here, Did we forget to mention,

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