Seller - how codercv freelance marketplace works ?

  1. Once you signup to "CoderCV" freelance marketplace. You can see a button to "Add a Gig". Click on it. What are Gigs? Gigs are basically service you are going to offer from marketplace for the buyer. We have used name "gig" for "seller service or offer".
  2. You will be taken to "Gig Page". There you will be asked to provide details:-

            a). Gig Title  :- Provide Catchy title like "I will do Android App Development for your business"  etc.,
            b). Gig Description :- Provide complete job description including technology, why this could be useful, how much extra service you will provide.
            c). Gig Cover Image
            d). Gig budget  :- What is your average cost to hire? Remember Job done here is Hire to Work policy.
            e), The Average delivery period of your service.
            f). Provide relevant search tags.

    and then submit your "gig". 
  3. Once the gig is submitted, our support team will review the gig and will make it active. If the gig is inactive for more than 24 hours and you didn't receive any message regarding your gig, it is probably denied. And if gig requires any modification, our support team will contact you in less than 6-24 hour depending upon support ticket load.
  4. Once your gig is approved, Share your gig on the social site or any relevant social site to promote your service or gig.
  5. For the seller, we charge 5%  commission per sale, so that you retain maximum profit.
  6. If you have any question or query, you can contact us using our support system here.

Get More review and More order. Good luck with Sales.