Buyer - how codercv freelance marketplace works ?

If you are a buyer all you have to do is the following:-

  1. Search gig in "Search Gig" page.  Look for your best possible requirement and
  2. Click on any Gig of your choice. 
  3. Click on "Oder now" button.
  4. Once you click "Order now" button, you will be redirected to "Proposal page" for below information :

            a). Your Budget Cost.
            b). Your Deadline period (when you want to get the job completed)
            c). Provide your Job Description in Message to Seller.
            d). Add any Attachment, you would like the seller to read.
  5. Once you "Submit" button, seller instantly receives a message about your "proposal" and he will go through your message and your attachment (if any) provided.
  6. Seller will check, if he is okay with deadline and price you set, if he is not on the agreement of your deadline or price, Seller will ask you to raise price
    or change deadline. Note, only you as a seller have rights to change deadline or price of your project by clicking on "Take Action" button.
  7. If you as buyer and seller agree on deadline and price terms, you will be asked to "Accept & Pay"
  8. Once you pay, "Timer will start".
  9. Once the seller is done with your order and delivers your order, you will receive a message about "Order as delivered", Kindly review.
  10. You will review the order and if it is exactly, what you needed, you can mark the order as complete, if you don't mark the order as complete, the order will automatically get "completed" tag in 3 days.
  11. If you didn't like the work completed, you can "request for modification" or cancel the order with the buyer-seller agreement.

That is All! For any question or query, you can contact our support team at "[email protected]" or here.