I will provide you 100 k organic installs for your app

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Hi, I am Raj & I charge $2000 for 1 month, for running your campaign in which your app can get 100,000+ installs My music app receives 200,000+ installs a month and I make 4000-$5000 a month from it.

The way I promote is simple, at first I tell what is wrong with the design, I work with you on the ASO of the app which includes a lot of things like link building(yes link building) Description, title, package name and a lot of secrets which I don't reveal I create various emails and message types for different platforms like social media, youtube, tech blogs, and websites. Then I start social media campaigns on facebook groups. I post to around 1000+ groups crafting messages according to the groups. Then I submit your app to 3000+ youtubers. Then I promote your app to 1000+ tech websites. I don't charge for downloads, I only charge for the time I work on your app because a lot depends on the type of your app I am only here till the time my website is under progress. To verify my claims, you can google my name followed by "Android" I will do a lot of other things, including paying 500$ to a  PR  firm, let's discuss the details of your app Message me before order.

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Avg. Hire Cost

1000 $ - 2000 $

30 days
Avg. Job Delivery

Paypal & Indian Netbanking/Debit/Credt or UPI accepted

Raj Rastogi
PHP Super Wizard

I am super PHP Programmer Man. I eat, sleep, drink and live with PHP. If you have any PHP app requirement or services needed, you can hire me. Thanks


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